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Femtosecod Laser combined LASIK – Femto-LASIK

This "No Blade" procedure produces a flap that is much more precise in depth, is cleaner, more accurate and is thinner. This results in many benefits to the LASIK patient.

Although advancements are made in laser eye treatment every year the introduction of Femto-LASIK bladeless LASIK is the biggest leap in technology since the introduction of standard LASIK in 1993

Benefits of Femtosecond Flaps

The major benefit is that all suitable prescriptions can now be treated with bladeless technology, thus eliminating the induced distortion and possibility of serious complications associated with the creation of the flap by manual blade. More patients achieve 20:20 vision or better; fewer patients lose sharpness of vision. Both short term and long term safety are improved upon. Increased confidence for both the doctor and patient lessens stress and anxiety. Both mechanical breakdown and human error are reduced

FemtoLASIK and Wavefront

Customised Wavefront treatment (CATZ) has been limited in its ability to eliminate optical imperfections in LASIK by its inability to correct induced imperfections caused by the mechanical cutting of the flap made after it had analysed the eye. Now that induced imperfections have been substantially reduced, wavefront promises to improve sharpness of vision for patients, above the quality of vision glasses can achieve.

Blade Induced Distortions

The blade is a mechanical instrument and can vary in its precise measurements and straightness. This always leaves microscopic imperfections in the surface of the cut as it passes over the eye. The Femto cut flap is much more precise and is as near as possible distortion free. Wavefront mapping is performed on the eye before the flap is cut and therefore can not take into account the blade induced distortions. It is for this reason that IntraLase Femtosecond gives better result with standard (non Wavefront) treatment than Wavefront treatments with a flap created by a blade.

High Speed Tracking

During treatment the tracker on the laser videos the image of the iris 400 times per second. If you move your eye during treatment the laser follows it precisely. This is the faster tracker on any laser made.

Thinner Flaps (Tissue Sparing)

A major benefit of Femtosecond is that it is much more precise than a blade and therefore it can cut the flap at a position very close to the top surface of the cornea. By getting treatment closer to surface more tissue remains untouched below the flap. This improves the long term safety by maintaining the maximum structural strength of the eye following treatment. The depth of treatment is only marginally greater than LASEK.

Cleaner Flaps

Cutting the flap by laser gives a cleaner cut than a blade in terms of sterility. The incidence of infection and inflammations are almost eliminated as a result.